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Application of Stencil to Surface: Place a mark on the carrier sheet (shiny side) of the stencil indicating the back (after use, stencil must be reapplied to the same side of the carrier sheet that it was removed from). Remove the carrier sheet (do not throw away). Place stencil, adhesive side down, on surface and apply pressure to remove bubbles. When working with the blue colored stencils the more pressure you apply the more it will stick to your surface. Read down to see how to make it more sticky if you are not getting the desired level of stickiness. Purple stencils start out very sticky and should not need much pressure applied.

Application of Chalk Paste or Chalk Ink: Apply paste or ink to surface and squeegee to fill open areas of the stencil. Depending on your surface, you can squeegee the surface again to remove excess paste or ink. Carefully remove the stencil. Let surface dry completely.

Cleaning Stencil for Reuse: Lightly scrub to remove excess paste/ink. We recommend using Scrubby Soap anything with chemicals can deteriorate the stencils and ruin it.  Rinse both sides of stencil. Place stencil adhesive side up, on a smooth, flat surface and re-apply the carrier sheet to a wet stencil. Squeegee over the carry sheet to remove excess water. Flip stencil and gently pat with paper towel any paste/ink residue and water from surface. Do not stretch or distort the image on the stencil. Allow to dry for 30 to 40 minutes before reuse.

To Increase Tack When Reusing A Stencil: Gently blot the adhesive side with damp cloth prior to application or lightly mist with mister. After stencil application, wipe mesh area (open area of the stencil) with dry paper towel. Caution: Too much moisture will damage the film upon removal.