Due to the nature of paint, ink and chalk paste; product may separate or tend to be dry upon receiving.  Although our product has been tested and proven to have a shelf life of greater than a year, the container of the product may decrease the shelf life.  Please understand that Tucker Trade Co has done extensive research and testing to create the perfect paste with the most desired size and pricing available.  The smaller the container, the more likely the paste will become dry.

For Best Results Please keep this in mind:

  • Kit and Project sized Pastes are designed for single immediate use.
  • Workshop/1 oz size pastes are packaged to be used within a short amount of time.  Pastes can be reconstituted but may not always return to original consistency.
  • 2 ounce/ 4 ounce jars are designed for longer use.  Packages come with a removable inner liner and foam lid liner to increase shelf life.

In the event your paste becomes dry or thicker than desired consistency. 

  • Simply add sterile water or sealed bottle water (to prevent contamination) to paste by spritzing with Tucker Trade Co's Mister or another squirt bottle.  Tucker Trade Co's Mister is preferred due to the fine mist that is delivered to have better control over the volume that is added. However, any squirt bottle or other method will work in a pinch!
  • Vigorously stir with Spatula provided or other tool.  If sides have dried and crusted, AVOID stirring into moist paste until after project use to avoid lumpy consistency. Spritz paste and stir to achieve a yogurt like consistency.  AFTER project use, Spray crusted sides generously to soften.  Scrape down to paste mixture.  Continue spritzing paste mixture until thoroughly wet and reseal container.  Upon next use, stir vigorously and spritz more water as needed.  Paste should be re-moistened and ready to use.