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Limited Edition Medium Wreath Reusable Stencil

Limited Edition Medium Wreath Reusable Stencil

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TTCO's reusable and repositional stencils with an adhesive backing helps provide a non-slip hold onto the surface of your project. Our TTCO Chalk Paste glides across the mesh screen stencil to create a sharp and clean design. No weeding vinyl, no bleeding, and no bridges to connect!


  • BLUE STENCILS are ideal for glass, ceramic, chalkboards, and other smooth surfaces. They are slightly tacky and will adhere the more they are pressed onto a surface. 

  • PURPLE STENCILS are ideal for wood, fabrics, textiles, and other textured surfaces. They are sticky to the touch and instantly stick to a surface. 

Sizing is based on the entire stencil, not the design itself. Each stencil provides at least half an inch around the design to make it easier to apply to your surface. With proper use and care these stencils can be used upwards of twenty times!

Check out Stenciling Tips on how to care for your supplies.

*Finished projects not included.