Countdown Calendar-Base
Christmas Countdown, Halloween Countdown, Calendar

Countdown Calendar-Base

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Create a cute Countdown Calendar with this set AND one of our ADD-On Sets! Choose between Halloween and Christmas.

This is a reusable stencil that has an adhesive side to hold on to your surface while your working with it. There's also a mesh in the open stencil areas, this helps prevent bleeding that can sometimes happen with stenciling. There is an option to pick between blue or purple stencils. The blue stencils aren't sticky to the touch, but will get sticky the more they are pressed onto a surface. The purple ones are super sticky to the touch and stick to any surface right away. 

Note that sizing is the entire stencil not the design itself. Each stencil is made with at least half an inch around the design to make it easier to apply to your surface.

With proper use and care these stencils can be used upwards of 20 times. Stencil care instructions will be sent with your order and can be viewed on the website at anytime.

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* Stencil Set designed to be used with the Add-On Countdown Halloween or Add-On Countdown Christmas.